The Anthem of Perspective

by Chasing Down Riley

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released March 1, 2017



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Track Name: Existential Thoughts
What is right and what is wrong?
How do I get where I belong?
And what is love but just a game
Of pushing someone else away
And turning it into a song?

What is truth and what is not?
What do I know that I forgot?
And what is life but just a way
Of getting through another day
And longing for what you have lost?

And why is everyone so caught,
In the days of what was not?
And I’m caught up here again,
Trying to find means to my ends
With my Existential Thoughts

What are you and what am I?
Why do we laugh why do we cry?
Did God make us all this way?
Do we become us day to day?
Do we just live until we die?

I wear a smile I wear a frown.
I wear a mask I wear a crown.
And I wear thin just like a wire,
Wanting things that aren’t mine,
Wearing everybody down

And I wear my heart right on my sleave,
An open book that you can read.
But be careful when you do,
You might not like it when you’re through
Cause that is usually when they leave

And I’m a robber I’m a cop
I’m a good man till I’m not
And when I sin it’s with a smile
Looking the devil in the eye
Until he leaves me with my thoughts.

And if you’re crazy or you’re sane
There’s pills to balance our your brain
Try and tickle the right cells but if it doesn’t then Oh well,
There’s always pleasure in your pain

And I’ll keep traveling down this road,
Longing for what isn’t known
And when I see it up ahead I’ll hear sirens in my head
Trying to tell me that I’m home
Track Name: If You Love Me Let Me Go
If you love me let me go
If you love me please hang up the phone
And if you ever really cared
When I open up my eyes will you please just not be there

If you love me leave me be
Get your ghost to stop haunting me
Every day she’s by my side
And she keeps me up at night, I just stay up every night

But if you love me, if you love me
Wipe your face and dry your eyes
And kiss me one last time
If you love me say goodbye

I’ve been on this road before
Felt the heartache felt the getover
It gets better every day
Though I’ll be the first to say, you are never quite the same

If you fall in love again
Find my pictures in a box you kept
Have a smile on your face
As you think of better days, let your heartache melt away

But if you love me, if you love me
Oh I keep on asking why, when you know I want to die
You know I just want to die
Wipe your face and dry your eyes
And kiss me one last time
If you love me say goodbye
Track Name: These Walls
These Walls that I built in my soul
Trying to keep all control of the scars
With a century to guard all the pain in my heart
Making sure nothing comes and nothing goes

These Walls and I stare through the bars
At a world that is calling me forth
See the laughter and fun
Hear the beat feel the drums
Of a sound that I used to know

And I’ve been in love and didn’t know it
I felt pain but couldn’t show it
I’m scared to breath, I’m scared to drown
I need relief, to feel the sound,
To hear these walls come tumbling down

My baby she holds me at night
And she shines with the light in her soul
And I can’t lose but I can’t win
When I can’t let her in, and I’m still afraid
And I’m still afraid and

And I traveled East
But couldn’t find it
I went down south
To take some time and
It’s all a blur
It’s all a dream
And I lost her
And won nothing
And now it’s just these walls and me

And I spend my days just waiting on the darkness
And I spend my nights just waiting on the day

These walls

These walls are a terrible trick
They are high and they’re thick and they’re strong
And it’s all I can do, is keep waiting on you

And if it’s all the same, I’ll stay inside here
It is warm, and it is quite here
You keep your drums, you keep your sounds
Until the day that I am found
The day these walls come tumbling down
Track Name: Now You're My Song
I know you’re my lover
And I think you’re my friend
You’ve been my every waking hour
And the way my dreams end

So if our fire’s dying
Because of some storm
I’ll stand by our embers
And try to keep warm

I’ve been a wanderer
And I’ve been a thief
And now here in you’re arms
I’ve found some relief

You’ve been my happiness
The kind that feels wrong
If you can’t fix what’s broken
Just make it a song
You say I hurt you
You say I’m cruel
And I know I wanted more
But I know I’m a fool

So when I watch those tail lights
As your driving away
I’ll be hoping darling
They’ll be headlights someday

You took your body and made it a ghost
I took our last words and turned them to notes
And I’ll hear your voice dear, as their singing along
If you can’t fix what’s broken, just make it a song

And if you were wondering, I’m just getting along
I don’t have my lover, But I have her song
Track Name: Jessica
Oh Jessica, you look kind of how I remember ya
Your face is still pretty your hair is still blond, your still getting along
Like the last year and all of the years before that

My girl and I, we split just a couple of months ago
Funny how life is and life taught me well, that life can be hell
Just keep trying your best and you learn from the mess

Oh how’s your mom how’s your dad how’s your sister and how’s your job
Hope it’s working out this time tell your family I’m sorry, works been so busy
And I’ll come see em’ next time I get out of the city

And I guess you and I weren’t right, just a flicker of nothing,
A flash in the moonlight, a port in the storm
Oh and you’d keep me company and I’d keep you warm

Oh Jessica, it isn’t that often I think about ya
Except when it’s snowing or I hear that song
Guess we didn’t make sense,
And I’ve loved plenty before you and loved plenty since

Oh tell your mom tell your dad tell your sister that I send my love
And tell your fiancé he’s one lucky man, hope he knows what he has
Jessica I’ll see you later, I’ve got a plane to catch
Track Name: The Anthem of Perspective
It’s not like I don’t care
But its not like I do
It’s not like it was oh and you’re not like you
Oh and it’s not like forgiveness really means anything
I’ve been tried like a sinner I’ve been praised like a priest

And someday your road may carry you back home
But it’s not like I’m going to know

You’re a shell of a man, you’re something on display
You’re afraid that she’ll leave you you’re afraid that she’ll stay
Been so long in the darkness, that you can’t feel the light
You can try and climb out but its not worth the fight

And someday you’ll be happy you’re just not sure when or where

But it’s not like she’s going to care

I guess time can mean freedom I guess love can be strong
I guess hearts can be mended but sometimes I guess wrong

It’s not like I knew it, but it’s not like I’m blind
It’s not like I’m laughing but it’s not like I’m crying
It’s not like I won’t ever, think of you sometimes
And how we met in the darkness like some ships in the night

And if you’re smiling at your new lover yeah just putting on your show
It’s not like I’m going, it’s not like it matters

It’s not like I’m going to know
Track Name: Somewhere in Camden Town
Somewhere in Camden Town
A son clutches his mother as they push through the crowd
And they scower the streets for something to eat
Every night about now while the suns going
Somewhere in Camden Town

Somewhere in Harlem’s street
A man’s making excuses to the cop on the beat
And the system ain’t fair, but he don’t seem to care
And try from he may from his birth he was beat
Somewhere in Harlem’s street

Somewhere in Heavens throne
Sit the father, the son, and the holy ghost
And they’re doing their best trying to clean up our mess
Shaking their heads and feeling alone
Somewhere in heavens throne

Somewhere inside my soul
There’s a devil and an angel fighting for control
And that devil is sin and he usually wins
And the angel just watches at it all unfolds
Somewhere inside my soul

Somewhere in your hometown
There is hunger and hatred for miles around
And if the world could wake up, and try and fix it with love
I think God would smile as he’s looking down
Somewhere in your hometown

Somewhere in Camden Town
A son clutches his mother as they push through the crowd
And they’re going to sleep with nothing to eat
Every night about now while the world’s turning round
Somewhere in Camden Town
Somewhere in Camden Town
Track Name: Broken Soul
I can hold your hand
But I can’t hold your heart
So let’s not even start
Let’s just let this go

I sleep through the night
But I can’t trust my dreams
And you can’t fix a broken soul
Can you fix a broken soul?

You can hold me here in this prison cell
You can lock the door you can make it hell
You can break my heart like they did to me
But something always sets me free
Something always sets me free

I can sing for days with a voice so clear
I can shout it out I can make them hear
On my hands and knees till my stories told
Gotta mend my broken soul
Can you mend my broken soul?

I can write you songs I can kiss your mouth
We can head out east we can drive down south
We can run away till our bodies ache
But we can’t escape ourselves
No we can’t escape ourselves

I can love you now till tomorrow comes
Like it always does, then I’ll have to go
Will you love me still, as I run away?
And can you fix this broken, fix this broken
Fix this broken soul?

Can you fix this broken soul?
Track Name: You Don't Think I Know
The days are short and the nights are long
As I fall asleep staring at the wall
But I can’t cry yet, gotta wait until you’re gone

You brush your teeth and come back to bed
And the air is thick with what isn’t said
Yeah I know the signs, I’ve walked this road before

And you look at me with your funny frown
And I close my eyes trying to stand my ground cause I see now
That’s the way I looked at her

Another year and another month
Another day and another album
Keep on writing songs, just hoping I still matter

Always sitting still waiting for the glow
By the time it comes I’m already hollow
You don’t think I know, but I know just how you feel
Always doing things that I can’t quite do
Tried to find something, tried to find it in you
But I know what is love and I know what is not

But you don’t think I know
You don’t think I know…

I pack my bags gotta catch my flight
To go play the songs that you helped me write
But when I start to sing
I’ll bet you I sound different this time